Tuesday, April 15, 2014


There is no reason
for me to put myself and others at risk
to drive like the sounds requests.
the car plus sound equals death..

Like seeing water on the assfault
I see a woman who the further she is
he closer she seems
the closer I look the further she seems

The harassment real close
it's the power that be's
fighting for control
and organizing things.

fights for control of the money
fights for control of my mind
fights for control of my attention
fights for control of the meaning
fights for control wants more expenses
fights for control of who's around.

(really I seem to loose as much as I write down.  what percentage is decent is hard to guess..  )

fighting harassment about the cash
harassment about the dividend
harassment about the price dips
wants control of the money
if he can't kill me fast.
wants me to leave out the door
with wads of cash
I am getting ready to go downstairs
read about the last death like that.

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