Sunday, January 6, 2013


Love a girl in a tight white shirt.
all poppin out. make me feel like it christmas. make me feel its all worth,,, Tella mr Muluer I want my queen take all the ponds get the sqeegie is it amthrax, just a geo-thermal pool algae on top, is that alternative energy say hey wait second there are alot more pieces.. got control of cumincation he thinks hes a rook he's just a theif harrasing me about money he goes strait by the book.. and it's not funny Thinks he's a knight and you must leave right now tell you who to give the money to it's a friend of his.. Thinks hes a biship of the cathalic church if he can't have the money thinks it should go to the church.. he says he always plays black but yet he always goes first. doesn't understand chess it will get him real hurt. better watch out for both queens doesn' know whats side he's on. better watch out it's check mate on both sides of the board.