Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hell they loved us in the philippines

Hell they loved us in the Philippines
yea they will love us here
try to make you loose your money
harass you call you queer.

Hell they loved us in the Philippines
and we have control of communication
so you will love us here
extortion for a club you hate
we want the women so we call you queer..

Hell they loved us in the Philippines
thought that we where great.
From time to time a terrorist bitch
but it's their fault and so we wait..

our harassment greatly done
our harassment is well done..
our harassment is for fun..
our harassment and death threats..
our harassment says get used to it..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

when you can't stand the pain...

When you can't stand the pain no more..
write a blues rock song
let the tears go down your face
no medication just arguments with the sound....

just arguments with the voices...
no reactions from pain someone gave you..
it's no sin if your suffering..
welcome to hell my friend
no pain pills or sleeping pills
just arguements with the sound..

and when you cant stand the pain no more...
just write a blues rock song...
no pain that someone gave me..
causing medication..
just arguments with the sound..
hope for no white jackets..

no johnson and johnson medication...
no skitzphrena or pain medication..
the more people you hurt the
more money you make
get a dividend check on 911...

The more people you hurt
the more money you make..

Saturday, July 28, 2012

small time little crime (jinn of trivial persuit)

He says he's small time
little crime...
why he waste my time...
thinks he's a jinn
he wants to be an underchiever
trivial persuit

big time homicide
skelitens in the closet
small time little crime
says he's a jinn of trivial persuit...

If he had a gun
I could kill more people with a $10 check.
he's says he is small time little crime
A jinn of trivial persuit.