Sunday, July 24, 2016

meek mill might give me hell
sid barret may say I stold his style.
wheni a woman asks you if this is what you want
then you know that it is fair.

initials and a launder mat.
didn't think anything about lenin till after the fact
I see that I am somewhat vulnerable and
obsession is a way to manipulate
where we are it's all fair.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

personal satinist..

I am a bad muslim
maybe I have never given money to the mosque
that's when you have more potential for violence
when your personal Satanist is very strong.
wants me to buy a car
while it tries to incite me on the road...

I have seen the bodies in the road
lured by what
Russian roulette fantasies?
following someone else into
traffic that can't be seen.

You can't stop everyone
maybe you can't save anyone.
maybe the symbolism
has doomed me some.
maybe the voices are to strong
to overcome...

I remember a voice from the past
don't let her incite violence.
The guy's got a girls name (jin)
thinks Satanism is a manly game.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

You don't want to mess with the Cadillacing man..

You don't want to mess with a Cadillacing man
I am escalading it..
Not going to repo my ride
I'm world wide,,  I'm interstate
foots on the gas pedal, I don't need no breaks.

God love the terrorist bitch
on the airwaves tonight..
Nothing is ever his fault..
his recruit on the papers.
your face on his fenders.
and a cadallacing man never needs to brake.

terrorist bitch on the airwaves tonight..
inspiring with the pdf files
attacking with his simple tools..

Cadallacing man do you read me..
I am going to harass you until until
until .....  you.......(screetch)....

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dexter Nodyer

My name is Dexter Nodyer
my last name means death.
Suicide car attack is
My recruiters task
You don't want to be iran
If there is no deal..
Red in my beard is Chechen
and I am for real...

You won't get me
but all recruits for the same task
Pavlov dog recruiters
will be biting your ass.


My name is mr 68
I roll the dice
I never loose.

They call me mr 68
the house is going bust..

Thursday, April 24, 2014

So far away....

You  can pull me so far away.
into distant places.
far away from here

I am watching everything go up
and mark faber is saying we are doomed.
the threats from the sound keep going.
about the cash flow and not the stash.
computer generated or scripted thoughts.

Stalking patterns when money comes in.. 
You always see the same people wanting to be around..
organized always ignoring the stash
always going after the cashflow.

Threats everyday claiming to have leverage.
I ignore them all we have gone to the brink before.
I own my life, but the sound is in denial
giving me instructions like
they think they are doing mind control
bs. about the church and gods calling
bs manipulation ment to enforce
some priesthood ideal

It is easy to be so far away with
just an image, a couple of words
A strange stamp collection
it seems like looking at the tea leaves
and wondering if I am reading them right

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


There is no reason
for me to put myself and others at risk
to drive like the sounds requests.
the car plus sound equals death..

Like seeing water on the assfault
I see a woman who the further she is
he closer she seems
the closer I look the further she seems

The harassment real close
it's the power that be's
fighting for control
and organizing things.

fights for control of the money
fights for control of my mind
fights for control of my attention
fights for control of the meaning
fights for control wants more expenses
fights for control of who's around.

(really I seem to loose as much as I write down.  what percentage is decent is hard to guess..  )

fighting harassment about the cash
harassment about the dividend
harassment about the price dips
wants control of the money
if he can't kill me fast.
wants me to leave out the door
with wads of cash
I am getting ready to go downstairs
read about the last death like that.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

like the stamp

Like the stamp I am sometimes imperf. <br>
Not like a Washington senator 6 years is to much work.
Call me a Hotel, I think we have clearance.

Call Me the King, Call you the queen.
Texas Burbank and in between..
Check out the baseball feed.
Check out these peoples names.

Hilton named their hotels
why does someone's hotel name you
at least your not calling yourself Holiday Inn
Hi hi hi hi hi hi..