Saturday, February 22, 2014

like the stamp

Like the stamp I am sometimes imperf. <br>
Not like a Washington senator 6 years is to much work.
Call me a Hotel, I think we have clearance.

Call Me the King, Call you the queen.
Texas Burbank and in between..
Check out the baseball feed.
Check out these peoples names.

Hilton named their hotels
why does someone's hotel name you
at least your not calling yourself Holiday Inn
Hi hi hi hi hi hi..

Sunday, February 16, 2014


If you want someone who has an album out
go to Puerto Rico.

I am not playing games.
I'm maken moves.
Don't call me senator please.
I'm the king.
Don't need no stadiums please.
it's just not me.

I know if I make the right moves
That we don't have to talk about it
I take the queen.

What's to talk about
nature takes care of all those things
before language outsmarted desires
before questions started before desires
before hesitation to take the queen

I know that it is not my fault
if you had to ask,
and didn't get what you wanted.
it's not my fault
if submission and aggression is not one.
It's not my fault
if you forgot sales and didn't hand it to him.
It's not my fault
if you forgot what life is all about.

note...........There has been 100 different versions of this in my deluded and harassed mind, so it is possible that I come up with a few of them self published.